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Mondays and Wednesdays

10-11:15am Yin at Red Diamond Yoga 

More details on workshops and events can be found in the workshops link. Find new and regular public classes in the schedule link.

My Mission

My purpose in teaching yoga is to help each person learn, live, and fully encompass their own element. Our truth, our unique spirit, this is our element. When the body, mind, and heart are balanced, aligned, and open we can recognize and begin to live our truth, our fullest potential, our element. 

For some practitioners, yoga can be a physical activity used to strengthen and condition the body.  This builds a strong physical foundation, heals and nurses past and existing injuries, and builds self-confidence, in addition to body awareness. For many, the practices of yoga also extend to the mind and heart, in addition to the body. By working towards healing the mind, body and spirit, one begins to understand the self, and how we relate to our global community as a whole.  It is with this deep and focused work one begins to heal and uplift from the inside out. With a whole and healthy being we can live to our full and happiest potential.  

My Style

I practice and teach many styles of yoga including hatha, vinyasa flow, yin, yin yang, gentle and restorative yoga. Each is a different experience on and off the mat, and all are equally rewarding. Whether you enjoy a sweaty movement based practice, or a stretchy meditative one, I offer classes to cater to your physical, mental and emotional needs.  Check out the schedule link in the navigation bar for a full list of my current public classes. Come practice with me and give your whole being the gift that it deserves- yoga.

Looking for a more tailored experience? I offer private yoga sessions at a time and place that suit your needs. Reach out to me via the contact page to dig in to your specific personal practice.